Make Your 2-Factor Authentication Easy

An Authenticator app designed for security, privacy, usability and seamless syncing between devices. On iCloud.

4+ out of 5 worldwide

A better way to 2FA

Obsidian uses the iCloud Keychain to operate securely. Your data are never transferred or stored in any other external server.
Obsidian does not collect data nor require a sign-up to function.
Seamless Syncing
Obsidian syncs your data between your iOS and macOS via iCloud Keychain.
Beautiful Design
Customize Obsidian to catch your eye with multiple themes and visual modes.

Why Obsidian?





Use iCloud

macOS app

Sync between

Privacy aware


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We care about your Privacy

Privacy is one of our core principles.
Obsidian does not collect any data nor stores or transfers your tokens anywhere outside of your iCloud Keychain.

Coming from Google Authenticator?

You can now migrate all your tokens from Google Authenticator automatically.
Go to the Google Authenticator app and export your data as QRCode, then scan it with Obsidian on iOS.
As simple as that.

Our Testimonials

The easiest 2FA app to use


This app "just works". Zero configuration and it already synchronizes through all of my devices. It makes 2FA so easy to use that I've been enabling this feature in much more services than I did before, resulting in more security for me for no added hassle.
Best MFA app ever - as it has a companion for MacOS


I am using this app for the last 2+ years. Coming from Google Authenticator the key benefit is the amazing companion app on MacOS. I need my tokens mostly on my Mac so having an easy copy and paste made my life so much better. The iOS app is straight forward and simple to use and always gives me quick access with copy and paste on my phone. Also love that it stores the tokens in iCloud, so when you get a new phone your tokens are still there. thank you!
Best way to MFA!


Obsidian is better and more complete a solution for MFA than anything else I've tried. Other authentication systems lock up the keys in their own vault. Obsidian allows you to synchronize this vault across your protected Apple devices. So, my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro all have the same information and I can use which ever is handy to authenticate.
App worth using in depth


What a surprise. It's available for iOS. It's a great experience on Mac. It's definitely a learning tool after syncing. I hope the developer will keep up the good work. Definitely support
Simple, Fast, Beautiful


Fabio Poloni
Obsidian is the perfect solution to store TOTP/HOTP tokens and sync them using iCloud. It's fast and reliable.
Was looking for just that.


I use 2FA where I can and it was always a pain to open Google Auth of the phone if you are trying to login on the computer. I was looking for an app that would have same tokens on both iPhone and Mac... I've tried half a dozen of them until I found Obsidian, that does exactly what I was looking for — OTP sync across all devices!
Excellent! Finally!


Finally I can use MFA tokens in a whereever I am. Don't have my phone? Not a problem, it's on my Mac. How about if I just have my phone or iPad? Yes, it works there too. And yes, you can click(copy) / paste into your web applications. So smart. I use this all day long.


Mark Rinella
Clean and simple. Uses iCloud to sync across devices. Responsive dev who cares about his app.
Great app and developer is even better


This app is great. It has mostly everything you need. If it doesn’t have a feature you like, the developer is very open for suggestions. If you notice a bug, the developer is super quick to fix them if you let him know. I used to use the LastPass Authenticator. And it was rarely updated and it was uploaded externally. I recommend this app to anyone and it is well worth its money for its Premium version.
Best OTP app I have found


It just works and syncs perfectly across all my devices